All ages shows banned at venues with liquor licenses

Some bad news to report for all-ages shows in BC. We almost missed this but a friend tipped us off that the BC Government recently changed one of its liquor policies, and apparently, occasional all-ages shows are no longer allowed at venues with permanent liquor-primary licenses.

This means that starting Jan 15, there will be no more all-ages shows at the Rickshaw, and any other liquor primary facility, which previously had the option to delicense for an all-ages event, will no longer be allowed to do so. We’ve been told that the Rio, the Vogue, and the Commodore will not be affected.

According to the policy, “Police, LCLB and communities have identified public safety and enforcement problems in LP establishments which have been temporarily de-licensed for alternate use where the establishment is essentially carrying on the same business as they are licensed for (e.g. operating as a nightclub) but with all-ages present. Minors attending these events have been found to be consuming liquor either prior to entering or outside the establishment during the course of the event.”

Thus, “alternate use events for LPs and LP clubs must not be the same or similar to the licence held by the licensed establishment (e.g. nightclubs may not hold an all-ages nightclub or dance). De-licensing for these types of events is no longer permitted.”


If this angers you as much as it does us, consider writing a letter to:

- The main Liquor Board contact:

- Karen Ayers (their Assistant Deputy Minister and General Manager, who signed this new policy):

- Your local MLA (find their email through )

- Rich Coleman, the BC MLA in charge of liquor:

- Bill Bennett, the BC MLA in charge of cultural development: 

- Maurine Karagianis, the BC NDP critic for liquor:

- Spencer Chandra Herbert, the BC NDP critic for arts and culture:


Or if you’d rather copy and paste someone else’s letter, feel free to copy any of the ones posted at     If you wrote one yourself, send it to and we’ll add it to the collection on that page.

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    I’m 19 but this seriously blows for those affected.
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    this pisses me off so much.
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    Vancouverites take note and share. This is a blow to the viability of the music scene.
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    while you’re fighting this….mention the ridiculous ban on video games in bars too. info here:...
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    As if it wasn’t hard enough for people to put on all-ages shows in this city..
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    All ages shows banned at venues with liquor licenses
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    This is SO frustrating!! As the mother of a musical 15 year old - I should be able to “escort” her to shows in Vancouver...
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    venue, so they’ve decided...let places that have liquor licenses
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